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6 Tips To Combat A Sore Throat

We all know that feeling— waking up to a sore throat and realizing you are getting sick. There are definitely better ways to start your day, but it's essential to have your wellness arsenal ready for when sore throats strike. Luckily, the ingredients you need to help you feel better might already be in your kitchen. So here are a few natural remedies for a sore throat so you can relieve some of that swelling and pain.

A Spoon of Honey

Honey is naturally antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, making it the perfect remedy for a sore throat. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it tastes delicious. Any raw honey works, but certain types of honey, such as manuka honey, contain a higher percentage of antimicrobial properties. Swallow a teaspoon of honey or mix it in some warm water and drink.

Gargle Salt Water

Mix a teaspoon of salt with warm water and gargle it at the back of your throat. It isn't pleasant, but it will alleviate some of your symptoms. The salt draws out the water from your throat cells, which reduces swelling. Salt water may also kill some bacteria and viruses.

Get Lots of Rest

Rest is essential when you're sick. Your body needs extra time to recover and regain energy. If you try to ignore your sore throat and carry on with your day as normal, you may worsen your symptoms, and it could take longer to get better. Take a few days and care for your body. Your immune system needs as much energy as it can get to fight off your sickness, so don't waste your energy elsewhere.

Steam your Face (and Body)

If you have a stuffy nose and a sore throat, try a facial steamer or steam room if you have access to one. A hot shower works just as well. The steam will help empty the mucous from your sinuses and hydrate your sinus linings, soothing irritation, and dryness. You can also add a few drops of respiratory supporting essential oils to your shower to further clear up your sinuses and help you breathe better.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a traditional remedy for sickness and sore throats, and it's more than just comfort food. If your throat is sore and scratchy, coughing may further irritate it and make symptoms worse. Warm liquids such as soup keep the throat lining hydrated and less irritated.

Stay Hydrated

We know drinking and eating can feel uncomfortable with a sore throat, but it's important to stay hydrated if you want to feel better. Drink warm liquids if they are more soothing, such as warm lemon water or tea. When your throat is dry, it feels further irritated and inflamed. Staying hydrated will soothe your throat and help your body fight off the sickness quicker.


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