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3 Weekend Rituals To Start A New Week Well

Do the weekends feel like they go by in a blink of an eye to you?

You get home from work Friday evening, then Saturday rolls around, and you want to enjoy your one primary "weekend day," so you make your weekend plans for Saturdays. By the time Sunday comes, it's time to start getting ready to start the week again, and you're in errands mode. Grocery shopping, tidying the house, doing laundry, meal prepping -- and before you know it, your weekend has ended.

But what if I told you that it's possible to not only enjoy your weekend but also feel like you're beginning your workweek on the right foot? I set out to make this a goal in my own life, as I thought the weekends flew by too quickly, and I never quite had a grasp on time or my responsibilities well.

I like to call these weekend rituals because it implies that it's a habit. And I genuinely believe finding your own personal weekend rituals and making them a routine will help you tremendously to feel on top of things and enjoy every moment of your weekends!

Here are some weekend rituals to help you slow down and savor:

Make yourself a priority

Have a running list of things that help you feel pampered and relaxed. Choose at least one of these self-care practices to do each day of your weekend. For example, Friday night, enjoy a bath with a book you're reading. Prioritize a long walk on Saturday. Make plans to see a friend on Sunday for lunch or coffee. These seem simple enough, but prioritizing adding one thing that nourishes you to your schedule each day on the weekend will help rejuvenate you and fill your cup.

Put health first

Whatever this means for you, prioritize your health on the weekends. This could look like enjoying a longer workout that you may not have time for during the workweek, getting outside for some sunshine each day, or even pre-planning your workouts for the week ahead.

Get organized

Whatever your main workweek issues tend to be, start here. That means, if your inbox gets overwhelming during the week, give it a quick once over on Sunday before you start your week again. If you struggle to feel confident in your wardrobe, spend some time choosing new and unique outfits for the week. Make a detailed to-do list if you get to the end of the week and feel like you didn't accomplish much. And, of course, planning your meals for the week will help set you up for success so you can eat nourishing meals all week long.

When you start incorporating more of these actions, you'll begin to feel a greater sense of purpose and peace. The goal is to be intentional with your time so that you can also spend some of the days doing absolutely nothing. After a few weeks, this becomes a habit, and now your Sundays have a slight structure that will help you enjoy them even more.


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