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3 Items to Always Keep in Your Freezer

In addition to meal planning, having a well-stocked freezer is incredibly important when setting yourself up for success in the kitchen. Not only will you be able to grab what you need to make a meal in a pinch, but you'll also have the ability to stock up on foods while they're in season at their peak.

Frozen foods can sometimes be looked down upon as unhealthy, but frozen produce actually still packs a nutrient-dense punch. These items are often frozen at the height of freshness, which also means it's frozen at the peak of flavor.

Making your freezer work for you can help you put healthy meals on the table without spending hours in the kitchen, and if you make some pre-planned decisions, it'll take your efforts even further. There are a few staples I always like to have stocked in my freezer, and I want to share those strategies with you here today.

Fruits & Vegetables

Keeping an assortment of appealing fruits and vegetables on hand makes us much more likely to incorporate them into our meals. Whether it is a fruit smoothie for breakfast or a simple side of steamed vegetables for dinner, having a freezer stash will come in handy. This allows you to keep produce on hand that's out of season so you can still enjoy your favorites year-round.

"Meal in a Pinch"

I always keep a "meal in a pinch" option on hand. These are lifesavers on those days when your schedule veers too far off track for cooking dinner. This can be as simple as a bag of frozen veggies and a healthy protein option or even your favorite cauliflower crust veggie pizza. Just knowing you have a backup meal on hand will ease so much stress.

Freezer Bag Meals

Keeping 2-3 freezer bag "dump meals" on hand can help alleviate meal prep stress, as well. These are ingredients you've portioned into a freezer bag for your slow cooker so that you can dump it in and set your slow cooker to cook while you're at work.

My favorite way to prepare for the months that fresh options aren't always abundant is to stock up while they are. For example, if you love the cherries that are in season for such a short period of time, grab a few extra pounds to freeze for later. The same goes for stone fruit like peaches, most berries, some tropical fruits, and even things like avocado.

By slowly and intentionally preparing for the months following the traditional harvest months, we can skate through the seasons enjoying healthy meals that are still colorful and bursting with flavor.


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