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My Story...

I have always known the importance of eating "real food";

I have freely shared this knowledge with friends, family & patients since I began my career as a Holistic Dental Hygienist in 1981. I also knew that sleeping well, and staying active were also key to living life to the fullest.


So why was I experiencing digestive issues? Struggling to get out of bed after 1 restless night after another? And, why was I suddenly having issues with my Thyroid, causing me to gain weight just looking at food? 


15 years passed as I continued to pursue solutions to ongoing autoimmune challenges, adrenal exhaustion, digestive issues, unexplained weight gain, mental fog, anxiety and poor sleep. I began a quest to take control of my future self! 


In 2012 I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to gain more knowledge and put the pieces of the puzzle together.   I learned 100's of dietary theories and through my own "bio-hacking" discovered the need to eliminate gluten and avoid dairy.  I began to focus on the basics of eating clean, real food.  I learned ways to bring balance to my life and was able to push my "reset" button!

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, I have helped others turn their lives around through narrowing down their unique needs.  It’s not just the foods you eat, it’s learning to make simple changes in all areas of life that bring true health and happiness.  When you take the time to be your authentic self, create balance in key areas of life, and create a support system of positivity, you are able to make choices that bring you 1 step closer to your life’s goals.

As your Personal Health Coach...

​I will empower you with knowledge to transform through what you eat, as well as balance and grow in key areas of life...Career, Physical Activity, Clean Eating, Relationships & Spirituality...  


​I focus on simple changes which will promote healthy digestion, reboot metabolism, curb cravings and revitalize the immune system...  

​You’ll wake up energized knowing you finally found exactly what your body and life needs…

You’ll know what to keep and what to let go from your life...


Change can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. I partner alongside you for support. Based on the plan we design together, I help you stay focused on your goals and dreams.  I keep it simple, so the changes are sustainable and incorporate into your new lifestyle.

I look forward to empowering you to make lasting changes for health & wellness.

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